Merry Benezra

Hyakujo’s Koan The generosity of air, and words that shear like ice. The catthat worries the hedge. Dark clouds that scroll acrossthe sky; a driving rainthat plows the wet grass. Poor Hyakujo! Soon what light there iswill go. The wild geese—alreadygone. Tarn Flashes Winking at the Sky* folded mountains shedding silt sieves into green watersand flowing downward, waterward when in her fullness she shines on the earthglimmers where water is *in conversation with Sappho
Yet There is Chasing and Floating* wet hair splayed across her back trees briars berries Even the cawing crows sound distant Clouds with a bruised –colored edge. I swear I take no pleasure in being on the earth *in conversation with Sappho Merry Benezra is a writer living in Nova Scotia. She is currently exploring women’s experiences as they age in this world. She owes a debt of gratitude to her many teachers, fellow poets, and to her brilliant, patient readers. Poetry is a communal and life-saving activity, in a world that needs more community, more healing.