Ed Krizek

Impression of Marsh Creek Lake Kayaks and paddleboards glideacross. Gentle Breeze. Sunny day.Children play in the shallowsscreaming about the cold water.Pleasant vibes from all.The lake is a sanctuaryfrom daily troubles. Contentto sit on the shore. I watch.Life goes on around me.While others paddle and glidesitting in the shade is gloriousand restful. Perhapsthis feeling is what is meant byequanimity.

Streaming A bird calls in quiet calm.Animals know when to cry.Radiation to the braincauses tiredness, confusion.Tumors shrink but do not die.Why call on God? He aloneknows the plan? My plansdon’t often work out. I meanto peel an orange but squash the fruit.Every time I see the American flagI think of the suffering causedin its name. Streaming from my mindI see joy and suffering.They are all mixed upwith this thing we call life.

Ed Krizek holds a BA and MS from University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA and MPH from Columbia University. For over twenty years Ed has been studying and writing poetry. He is the author of six books of poetry: Threshold, Longwood Poems, What Lies Ahead, Swimming With Words, The Pure Land, and This Will Pass. All are available on Amazon.com. Ed writes for the reader who is not necessarily an initiate into the poetry community. He likes to connect with his readers on a personal level.