James Mc Elroy

The Path Two Buddhist monksWalk down a raked, gravel path.Both monks are clothed in bright colorsAnd have, on their backs, small designerTote bags – Gucci. Pretty sure they’reGucci.
Close behind the first two monks, anotherMonk trails a makeshiftLitter with an outsized leather bagResting on top. This bag holds theRemains of a Zen Master now fourNights gone, four days decomposed.
After the pallbearer passes,Two more monks walk together in openSilence with small designer totesResting on their backs – as before, Gucci.
Next, and these close on the heelsOf the Buddhists, four youngTrappist monks (Catholic) followIn black and white habits with no toteBags anywhere to be seen: all four wearSurgical masks to ward off the stench. None of the monks – Buddhist orCatholic -- are in searchOf anything that isn’t; anythingThat is.