Monika John

Birds of Different Feathers Seagulls greedily viefor food scraps thrownfrom the passenger deckof a ferry maneuveringbetween pylons. Jet black cormorantsshimmer iridescentlyin emerging sunlight.Stretching wet wingsthey scan the ocean waveswith ever hungry eyes. A grey pigeonlowers its head to a puddlefilling its beak with rainthen slowly tilting its head uptowards a cloud covered sky – a movement so humble as to evoke a monk’s reverent bow at his master’s feet Karma Seeds Into the body fieldI had sown many seeds. They sprouted in spring,bloomed in summerand ripened in autumn. Some fruits were sweetothers bitter. This winter I tired of all sowing, all tastingand cast new seeds into the fire. Under the Cedar With the rising and fallof spring green boughsmy thoughts dissolveabove the cedar’s crown. Growing peaceweaves across blue skiesfollowing the invisible pathcarved by a raven’s flight silent as the echo of its wings. John's Poetry and Writings have been published in numerous US and International Journals: UK, Kenya, Hong Kong, India and Canada. Her most recent poetry appeared in Light of Consciousness Journal, US. She received her MA Lit degree from UC Irvine and JD degree from Loyola University, School of Law. She spent her career as a LA Deputy District Attorney until moving to the Pacific Northwest where her poems became infused with the quiet beauty of lakes and forests and of the island she now calls home.

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