Andrea Potos

Praise for the Difficult Family Member Praise for she who is the fingernailon the blackboard of your calm, who writes in careless cursivewords that dare you to erase them. She could be the teacher who reminds youhow much work you have to do, as if the homework of compassion will be yoursas long as you dwell inside this body, separate, yet not,from she who dwells in hers.

Reading an Author’s Childhood MemoirI Return Briefly to a State of Grace Those moments when the gateswere not yet latched,the blinds not yetdrawn down, when the thin airbetween worlds was stillnoticeable and ordinary,brushing the skin from time to time, though therewas no time,only now,the true eternal.

Andrea Potos is the author of several poetry collections, most recently Marrow of Summer and Mothershell, both from Kelsay Books. Her poems most recently appear in Spirituality & Health Magazine, Poetry East, Blue Unicorn, One Art, and The Sun. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.