Dariana German

Dim Lights Where the only path closed, a pathopened. That is when I found it, through the trembling trees, the fallen leaves.It does not have to be fall to fall. Walking through the knotted clouds, who can see pasta storm? If it were not for the thorns in my mind, I would not know I am alive. Still now, in a storm,I see it. I understand why I could never find it before.This new path to forge Its way through as a mysteryand you ask me, what was on the edgeof that path. I say, it was never a cliff at all, although I photographed it well.It was instead the faith I tried to leave behind. Falling Through October The leaves transmutebefore snapping loose. They wither in a streamor crumble on the pavement underfoot, as if they were neverthere. In October I am captured by an artist:Smiling Girl in the Rain – not water but leaves.She’s in love with finishing touches of gold, warmest colorshe knows. With love for everything falling,she too will fall in lovewith the artist, a pile of leaves. Lure I would love to swoonwith the roses and seaa thousand years more. Watch birds become onewith the breeze. How lovelyit must be. From my stoop in the city, I flywith the happinessof little things. The brisk of the morningwind. The dark currentsof night. Silent. Alluring. A warm heart in a dark pond,I remember the worldis nothing more than a mystery. It is not waitingto be solved or saved. It is just herewhen we are born, and here when we are dead, in the earthwith all the other little thingsthat lived and also looked deeply into love. Dariana German is a researcher, writer, and photographer. She has traveled extensively learning about the history and beliefs of different cultures. She graduated with a BA from Bernard M. Baruch College and currently lives in Southern California.