Christopher Leibow

1.Half hidden, half Moon.Paying attention to mindplaying hide and seek 2.a gust of spring windlast winter's leaves fly up, uprevealing Buddha. Nembutsu Poem Namu Amida Butsu is NembutsuIt is the call of Buddhas to put everything down.We need only one thing less. So stop torturing yourselfwith all those made-up storiesof who you think you are and aren’t, regardless of whoyou are or are not, regardlessof what you have done or have left undone. Namu Amida ButsuNamu Amida ButsuNamu Amida Butsu Let us attend to each otherright now, right hereLet us attend to each other to our own funeralsto our own birthsin that order Namu Amida butsu Do let us attend to each otherto our lives. to all of life,as it is, as you are Right hereRight now.Namu Amida butsu Christopher Kakuyo Leibow is a poet, a visual artist and a performer of small slights of hand. He is an MFA graduate of Antioch and has been published in numerous journals and online, including Juked, Interim, and Barrow Street and Cricket Online Review. He is also the founder and Sensei of the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.