Brigitte Goetze

The Last Thread When the Buddha was almost ripe,filled with the warmth of the sunand sweetening like an autumn fruit,he was calledby Sujata's golden bowlto the Bo Tree.There the great Lord Kama-Maraattacked him with his thousand armsand with his armies of warriors,pernicious like fumes assaulting the air.But the Buddha differentiatedbetween victory and liberationand was not disturbed.Then the great Lord Kama-Maracalled his three daughtersDesire, Pining, and Lust,each one more enticingthan all the perfumes of the gods,but the Buddha discernedthe difference between relief and releaseand was not aroused.Furious, the great Lord Kama-Marachallenged the Buddha's right to beand the Buddha, who understoodthe dependence of all life on the Earth,gently placed his fingertips onto her skin,asking her to be his witness.Supported by the goddess' joyous affirmation,the great Lord Buddha,now perfect like a golden pear,let go.