Gary Singh

Transmission Rifling through tea booksin the dusty stacksof memory.Liquid wisdom or liquid jade,which one?Chinese hermits,Anthony Burgess,and George Orwell too.All steeping in your reserve bank,an exotic blend of ancestors. The transmission came from India to China,along with tea,to Japanand then to the cold green shadowsnear the California coast. It is there you share teawith the redwoods, the ghostsof Mountain Charlie, gipsy jokers,and hammered dulcimers,plus a singing bowlto relay the transmission. An award-winning journalist, Gary Singh has published hundreds of articles as either a staff writer or freelancer, including travel essays, art and music criticism, profiles, business journalism, lifestyle articles, short fiction and poetry. In addition, for 450 straight weeks he's also penned a creative newspaper column for Metro, San Jose's alt-weekly newspaper, an offbeat glimpse into the frontiers of the human condition in Silicon Valley. Gary’s writing tends to merge the outer with the inner. He is an explorer of that which is hidden. Being half-eastern and half-western, Gary’s work, art and life often exemplify a combination of opposites. Operating between established realms—creatively, geographically or even psychically—Gary is a sucker for anything that fogs the opposites of native and exotic, luxury and the gutter, academe and the street.