Haylee Reynolds

A Loving-Kindness Meditation Bodhisattva (n.) a person who vows to delay nirvana,perpetually returning to Earth for the benefit of others. May you always have the courage to see the truth. In the lives after his promise,the baby is not enlightened.Like you or me, he is not special. He experiences deep-rooted anxiety,debilitating rage, and the sufferingof a guilty conscious, propellinghis victims into the depths of inescapableself-love. May he always have the courage to see the truth. There is what he does, and there is why he does.The Why pulses with blistering self-hatred,writhing alone in the inevitable pain of existence.There is no one to blame here but himself. That suffering exists without cause is heartbreaking.That every story is only a fabrication of the mindis too much to bear. He is howling between sobs,and I am holding him. May I always have the courage to see the truth. Though Haylee Reynolds tried to be an ideal, career-oriented human, her passions took over, and she was doomed to a beautiful life of explosive creativity.