Mark Goad

Floating, Everything. Silence. I fell into silenceand floated thereserene and unfrightenedas on the afternoon I learnedhow to float on the lake’s surfaceserene and unfrightened, impossibly upheld.Understanding would be the ruin of it.When the mind parts the waters,the flailing begins andlike a stone. . . Silence is hidden everywhere.Even the invisible air floats upon it.The soundless circling hawk watches,unapproachable, unafraid.Floating, everything.Silence. Mark Goad is a poet now living in the Boston metro area (USA). Born in Ohio, he has lived and studied in Chicago, Geneva, Switzerland and Boston (with sojourns in Connecticut and rural Nebraska). Undergraduate and graduate studies have been completed in English Lit., German language, theology and philosophy. His work has been published previously in Assisi, BAPQ, epiphany, Bluepepper, Decanto, Extracts, Crannóg, The Wayfarer, The Christian Century, Poetry Salzburg Review and other literary journals.