Lucien Zell

The other gravities.That ripple through treesand pulse through night.Gravities of greythat descend through figures on the Metrocamouflaging fade in go.Gravities of wonderthat forge a rainbow out of just-stormed skies. Gravities of whisperthat ring infinitely tiny bells.Gravities of beautythat open the desert's longings for rain.Gravities of gothat battle gravities of remain.And then the place beyond gravitieswhere the dead live.

Involved in Autumn
I am not the only one involved in autumn; it sweeps across the brightest and clearest fields.No matter how branches grip the sky, all leaves fall,colors true to so many of the sun's wishes:reds as whirling as a bonfire kicked by the wind,and yellows as lost in blazing as meteors.
If I were to align fate's windows with the sunI'd let birth be spring, life be summer, death be autumn...with winter left as a mysterious countryanyone can visit when they want to forget time.

California-born poet Lucien Zell has lived 18 years in Europe where the press Dharmagaia have published three collections of his poetry: The Sad Cliffs of Light (1999), Eden's Midnight Playground (2003), and Bright Secrets (2006). His poems have also been published in The New Orleans Review, The Liberal, Cafe Irreal, and numerous other literary journals. Winner of first prize in the category of Vanguard Haiku by World Haiku Review, his haiku have appeared in The Heron's Nest and the forthcoming issue of Frogpond. Currently based in Prague, Zell's the frontman of the alternative rock band The Wavemen.