Anannya Uberoi

Observations At the foot of the Dzong, the mindis fortified, the heart is a sanctuaryof sympathetic joy, the prayeron your lips begins to touchhigh-flying swifts and needletailsin all the ways long queues ofcolored flags on the ledge of the hillwant to be touched by the December wind,in all the ways buttered milkwants to be infused with sea buckthornand mint leaves, in all the waysherbal tea wants to simmerin the gentler corners of your body.
In the courtyard,suffering becomes a bowl of aracupped in the saddle of the White Peakof the Three Spiritual Brothers. ---Dzong: a distinctive type of fortress-monastery found in Bhutan and Tibet.Ara: a traditional alcoholic beverage made from barley, rice, maize, millet or wheat consumed in Bhutan. The Visit In the Lama's house, the crow slumbers,querulous ponies pause for bags of hayand fountains recover their yearnings.Waifs are mothered. Crestfallen, the worldbecomes colorblind, color-burst, an unexactedyard of raspberries, snowbirds and rising streams.Barbed wires are blunted and boundlessnesssprings from the edges of the wall.Stones slither, grieving spittlebugs foamedin springtime loiter at the porch. The finchcoos, the juniper cones, heaps of peach and plumstockpile in bamboo baskets. At the doorway,a ferryboat stops, the Lama smiles. Anannya Uberoi is a full-time software engineer and part-time tea connoisseur based in Madrid. An avid traveller, she has extensively toured the Himalayas of Northern India, Bhutan and Nepal. She is poetry editor at The Bookends Review, the winner of the 6th Singapore Poetry Contest and a Best of Net nominee. Her work has appeared in The Birmingham Arts Journal, The Bangalore Review, The Loch Raven Review, and Tipton Poetry Journal.