Monika John

Bubbles(Modi Khola river, Nepal) Reflections blind -brilliant flashesin glacial torrents. Bubbles riseand quickly burst-a flash of life then death. Undisturbed in turbulencewater and sunbeamscontinue to dance. Nature - a Meditation A seal in the inletbegs to be writteninto my perfect day. Bobbing highout of the seahe examines a wooden dock then hauls himself upplopping downnext to a snoozing companion. A tree frog alertswhoever wants to listenthat it is time for rain. A heron landsin a nearby firsquawking agitatedly. I feel my breathfrom time to timeas the world comes to visit. Nature is my meditation -appearing, retreatingsimple, charmed, impermanent. Ripening Golden green with evening sungrapes weigh heavyon the vines Autumn leaves flame red,living, dyingall in one. Recent poems were published in an anthology ‘Tagore Inspired’, Sampad, UK, Buddhist Poetry Review (2012-2013) US, Presence, Fungi and Urthona Magazine UK, Penwood Review, USA Sathya Sai Newsletters (2010-2013), Quiet Shorts, WA. 2013 fairy tale and poems will appear in Scheherazade’s Bequest and Crone Magazine. Earlier poetry was published in various US and UK journals. Monika John practiced law in California until changing residence to Washington State. She presently resides in the Pacific Northwest, USA.