Greg Waas

Lost/Found “The coin lost in the river is found in the river.”—Yunmen A movement toward decoherencein seasonal change, October in autumn orange is blue sky hardened by sunlight chill.And where is it found? That centered state—a dark burgundy in breathing black,a central space in the middle of things. Only in a turning backtoward blowing leavesand moments scatteredin dim light further fading.An observation in a maelstrom returning to a center never held—noted in a breath. Meeting “Whatever confronts you, don’t believe it. When something appears, shine your light on it. Have confidence in the light that is always working inside you.” —Linji Particularities in Aprilactualities in yellow and greena wet chill blinkered in movementan emergent approximationa lie of the eye. Brightened perception in a momenta light of intimacya narrative of flicker fusiona joining of you to it and you yourself. Every instance is undisputedas voice, a gaze, a contacta working hypothesis verifiedif only by perspective. A working light within a working world. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind.A smear of sensesa clear insistence. Greg Waas is a retired professor of psychology living in the Chicago, IL area.