Nathaniel Kostar

Iguazu A waterfall rumbles in my veins,I am sure of it. A place my blood turns clear, inhales, then falls a furious white. Maybe it beginswhere my hand meets my wrist,then falls into myheart,hips, knees. Surely thunder rolls through my throatand lightning danceson my tongue. I wish my mind would stay quiet,that I might hear the fall. Perhaps you feel me too, Iguazu?the two of us inside each other in the storm. The Sound of the Storm I am in love with the sound of the storm,how the rain falls so gently you can hear a mother reading bedtime stories to her child, or erupts in war,clouds firing crystal bullets at the ground. I am in love with its sadness,every raindrop, a tear, and the skylike the dark flecks in your eyes. I am in love with the surprise—shotgun thunder, flash of light—how once startled, we pause, reflect, sit together. And how it begins, suddenly,like a drunken argument, until nothing is left dry, then stops and a butterfly beats her wingsas if it stopped for her alone to reclaim the sky. Nathaniel Kostar was born and raised in Central New Jersey. He holds a BA from Rutgers University and an MFA in poetry from the University of New Orleans. He currently lives in Mexico City where he works as a writer, lyricist and English teacher. For more work by the author visit or follow Nate Lost on Spotify.