Elif Sezen

Undressing the ego Craving for what?
Pain of joyful parties?
—No thanks!
Laughter of a gypsy from another lifetime?
—Put it aside, will recall it if I need it
Just like this, you are opening and closing
the gates of existence. On the most dismissed
territory of the cosmos a door is trembling, yes!
You like the way it is not owned by anyone else.
It is your toy-like metronome, balancing out the
extremities of parallel worlds, threading two
amnesiac minds with a promise…
It is your newly set alarm clock,
delighted to undress the ego
and retune the intellect
Blissed out?
It is time now.
You will be sent back to be forgiven as
equal as rocks, cactuses, as neglecting parents
You will hear that sound blowing through your
bone marrows: the sweet whoosh of nothingness,
it will remind you of your own whistle. Elif Sezen is an Australian-Turkish interdisciplinary visual artist, bilingual writer and poet. She lives in Melbourne. In her poetry she navigates between the themes of Motherhood, history, domestic disruption, love and grief, separation and homecoming, illness and recovery, memory and oblivion…as well as speculating upon the possibilities of transcendence in contemporary lives. Her first book 'Gece Düşüşü' was published by Hayal Press early 2012 (in Turkish). Her translations of Ilya Kaminsky’s collection of poems 'Dancing in Odessa' will be published in Turkish by Artshop Press late 2013.