Hal W. Lanse

Chamomile in Mind
Translucent bag of potpourriHerbal tea in a gauzy filmSeedsBroken leavesA few thin stems
An infusion of mildly mind-altering flavorA hint of steamGreen matter floating in amber fluid
My mind floatsGentlyWith the bagIn the tea
The world floatsGentlyIn a gauzy film—My mind

Ecstasy of sadnessBold yellowDrooping daisiesEdges curling
There is bright color stillOnly touches of brownOn the daisy-eyesMascaraImpermanenceAround the edges
A moment has passedFresh lifeYoung life
Old lifeTenuous beautyRemainsUntil all is mascara—

Hal W. Lanse, Ph.D. is the author of READ WELL, THINK WELL and the upcoming EASY AS PIE GUIDE TO EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY. He practices with the Interdependence Project in New York City. Visit him at www.readwellthinkwell.com.